Midsummer night's dream

Großen Haus Theater Heilbronn 1997

In January of 1997, Majewski creates and subsequently films for television his own version of Midsummer Night’s Dream, permeated with eroticism and magic.

An XVIII century aristocrat decides to celebrate the Summer solstice by staging a Shakespeare play in his garden. He uses it as a subterfuge for his erotic games. When a mysterious Hindu magician appears, the park ‘s marble figures of naked elfs and nymphs come to life.

“Shakespeare’s plays, irreverent of the borders between the inner and the outer world are sublime subject for the mercurial and versatile mind of Lech Majewski,” writes Claudia Ihrefeld in her review of the play and Dieter Schnabel describes the production as a “masterpiece” (Gesamtkunstwerk). “The spectator is unable to see all of this cornucopia of sensual details, he must choose. Such a unique and precise style marks solely the work of a master” – sums up Theophil Hammer in Stuttgarter Zeitung.

text William Shakespeare music, choreography, light & direction  Lech Majewski,

sets Janusz Kapusta costumes Maria Katarzyna Szarłat

with Isabella Hübner, Rolf Rudolf Lütgens, Günter Jacobi, Bernd Henneberg, Thomas Braus, Thorsten Olschock, Christian Melchert, Miriam V. Eberhard, Matthias Klaussner, Andreas Wobig, Sigrid Ganz, Ralph Hönicke, Johannes Pfeifer, Ingo Brosch, Rudolf J. Skora, Odo Jergitsch