Screenplays, Volume III


BEUYS – a story about the famous German “shaman of contemporary art” who performs symbolic acts of expiation of crimes and traumas of his nation after the Second World War.

GLASS LIPS – a film poem defining new dimensions of narration and perception, composed from the video-art pieces that opened Majewski’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS – a love story set in Venice. Claudia and Chris meet in London and fall in love at first sight. Adaptation of Majewski’s novel Metaphysics.

THE MILL AND THE CROSS – inspired by Peter Bruegel’s painting The Way to Calvary, the screenplay written by Michael Gibson and Lech Majewski tells the story of Christ’s Passion in Flanders in the year 1564 – the very year Bruegel painted his masterpiece. Among the five hundred plus figures swarming over the canvas a dozen characters are selected, their life stories unfold and intertwine in the film. The film stars Rutger Hauer, Charlotte Rampling and Michael York.

ONIRICA – Adam loses his loved ones in a car accident. In 2010, the year of floods, fires and the presidential plane crash, the tragedy of the nation overlaps the personal drama. Adam quits his job as a literature lecturer and becomes a supermarket cashier. The only reading of this dark time that eases Adam’s pain is Dante’s Divine Comedy.