The three penny opera

Großen Haus Theater Heilbronn 2002

In 2002, Lech Majewski returns to the Heilbronn Theater to stage Bertold Brecht’s Threepenny Opera. A huge crate on a horse-drawn cart enters the empty stage. The coachman – the master of the ceremony – releases the horse from the harness and gradually opens the individual lapels in the trolley, thus creating the scenery for the next eight scenes. The last one is a prison cage.

text Bertold Brecht based on John Gay’s libretto to The Beggars Opera music Kurt Weil

sets, choreography, light & direction Lech Majewski  musical direction Nicolas Kemmer costumes Ewa Kochańska

with Percy Brauch, Rolf Rudolf Lütgens, Angelika Hart, Andrea Köhler, Wolfgang Beigel, Anne Vonjahr, Karen Schweim, Udo Grunwald, Henning Kohne, Jan Brunhoeber, Luis Madsen, Oliver Bode, Felix Würgler, Adrian Scherschel, Johannes Bahr, Björn Dömkes, Andreas Auras