The roe's room

Silesian Opera 1996

In an old, decaying building, a young poet lives together with his parents. His sensitivity filters out his visions of the apartment slowly devoured by Nature: in Summer the floor becomes overgrown with grass, leaves of plaster fall in Autumn, the winter blizzard comes out of a refrigerator. On a deeper level it is a story of the life and death cycle. Nature, the final victor, will devour the walls, tables and shelves: all these clean and even surfaces that man is so proud of.

Majewski debuts as a composer (together with Józef Skrzek) and a librettist, writing an autobiographical opera based on his early poems. The leading part is written for a countertenor, a rare, dematerialized voice, which – in contrast to the XIX century operas of “singing emotions ” – becomes the inner, spiritual voice of the hero’s soul.

Opening in March of 1996 at the Silesian Opera, it wins a Golden Mask. Subsequently Polygram Records brings out a double CD. The International Theater Institute (ITI) selects Pokój saren from over five hundred entries to be among the dozen best new operas in the world and presents it in December of 1998 at the Düsseldorf Opera Workshop.

music Lech Majewski and Józef Skrzek libretto Lech Majewski directed by Lech Majewski orchestration and musical direction Andrzej Marko sets, costumes, light and choreography Lech Majewski chorus master Krystyna Świder

with Artur Stefanowicz, Piotr Łykowski, Elżbieta Mazur, Mieczysław Czepulonis, Piotr Rachocki, Barbara Markiewicz, Marek Dynowski, Leokadia Duży, Anna Lorenc, Agnieszka Mazur, Silesian Opera Orchestra and Choir

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