Mariacka 5

Teatr Rozrywki, Chorzów, 2017

The title address of the monodrama is a street well-known in Katowice, a place where workers of a “trade related to love” once resided. This poignant, tragicomic confession of an old prostitute vibrates with emotions. Elżbieta Okupska – Lech Majewski’s favorite actress, who appeared in three of his films: Wojaczek, Angelus and Onirica – draws the image of a woman aware of her fall with shocking directness. The painful yet funny story was written by Lech Majewski in the Silesian dialect, which is undoubtedly an additional advantage of this unique production.

with Elżbieta Okupska

staged & directed by Lech Majewski costumes Dorota Lis

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