Screenplays, Volume I


THE KNIGHT – a medieval ballad about a kingdom ruled by poverty, chaos and wars. The Knight sets out in search of the magic harp, the sound of which gives people a sense of harmony. His self-imposed, dangerous mission turns into a journey into oneself.

FLIGHT OF THE SPRUCE GOOSE – debut in Hollywood, based on Majewski’s own novel Chestnut (Kasztanaja). The Polish reality of mining Silesia is transformed into a setup in industrial Pennsylvania.

PRISONER OF RIO – the story of the kidnapping of Ronald Biggs, a participant in the famous Great Train Robbery, from his hideout in Rio de Janeiro.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HARRY – a story about the breakdown of relationships, the death of feelings and the dehumanization of life in the near future. The Pacific has dried up and California is turning into a desert.

ANGELUS – “Silesian hundred years of solitude”. A tragicomedy enthusiastically received by viewers and critics. The fate of a group of coalminers looking for the philosopher’s stone of the 20th century.