Blood of a poet

33 videart pieces


Blood of a Poet – a unique cycle of 33 interrelated video art features that can be viewed separately or in their entirety – highlighted the 2006 Lech Majewski Individual Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The pieces are connected by a figure of a young poet, whose violent father’s shadow looms over him. He  recalls traumatic episodes from his life while locked away in a hospital. He is immobile yet his imagination travels constantly. His inner world projects memories, mostly deformed and mythologized that induce his fears and obsessions. Simultaneous flow of images, events and visual associations creates a cross-section of a complex, sensitive psyche.

There are no words in Blood of a Poet, no dialog, yet the viewer finds himself in a constant dialog with himself – the archetypical actions depicted in each videoart can stir emotions and thoughts. Rejecting dialogue and chronology marks an innovative approach to the traditional narration, so the viewer can depend upon his own creative capacities to find a way through the labyrinthine structure. Projected on the walls, plasma screens and monitors, short films over-lap and communicate with one another, continually asking the viewer to develop a new method of interpretation. In his work Lech Majewski shows that a world of imagination contains more reality than the bare facts. In fact, imagination is our only reality.